Caerphilly Castle Night Tours - get your ticket fast!


Local Guided Walks professionals 'Cardiff History & Hauntings' are launching a trial historical walk after dark at Caerphilly Castle.

Dates available: Wed 22nd, Thurs 23rd, Wed 29th and Thurs 30th November 2017

Caerphilly castle is believed to be haunted. However, modern day accounts of paranormal incidents are brief and fleeting.

On this "trial" tour you will hear the real life dark history of this castle as we stand or sit in those parts of the building rumoured to be haunted, while referencing what information we have about ghostly goings on.

This is a "trial" tour. The aim is to test the content, atmosphere and logistics of a night tour of Caerphilly Castle. It will include testing out the level of lighting possible for a safe but atmospheric experience.

THIS IS NOT A "GHOST TOUR" . Nor is it a paranormal investigation: the stories of Caerphilly Castle's ghosts are too brief and fleeting for the ghost stories to form the majority of the tour content. 

However, this tour aims to give a unique experience of an atmospheric guided tour of the castle at night combining its history with what we know about reported ghostly sightings. We really don't know what to expect! Who knows whether anything will go "bump in the night"!

Tickets are £12 pp

Starts at 7pm and last for approximately 90 minutes

Limited places available

Book here: